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How does initiative work?

Will you be able to rescue the hostages in time? Can you survive the chaos until more defensive actions are taken? Initiative can have a major impact in situations like these. In Sentinels of Freedom, initiative determines the turn order for all characters and events in a round.

Initiative for characters starts with a random number between 1-20 that is generated each round. Along with this random number, we wanted to have the characters' previous turn influence their initiative order. The characters' speed adds a bonus to that random number.

Characters can have 1 of 5 speed categories based on the distance they move in the entire turn. For example a character can move 30ft, attack and then move another 35 ft for a total movement of 65 ft. This movement would put the character in the Quick category giving them a bonus of 3 to their initiative roll.

Once the order is set, all characters and events activate in the initiative order unless affected by an outside ability or the player chooses to swap hero initiatives. To swap, you can simply choose the swap command and the current hero will switch initiative with the hero next in line. You may always swap with an upcoming hero.

Beyond just activation order, Initiative also provides a bonus to the 1st and last hero. Typically, every character loses one speed category at the end of a round. The 1st hero however, is able to maintain their speed and all the bonuses that come with it. A faster character, like Tachyon, would want to be at the front of the line.

The last hero gets a bonus for being so patient as well. This is an accuracy bonus to their attacks this round. They might have had to wait a long time but certainly will make it count! Saving that critical attack for the end can help insure a successful next round.

In addition to displaying activation order, the initiative bar holds powerful battlefield information and useful navigation features. All characters' health are indicated under their portrait providing a quick overview of the fight. Higher ranked enemies will also show if they have formed a squad and how many. Lastly, selecting a character portrait will center the camera on the corresponding character.

See the initiative system in action at PAX East and in upcoming videos as we prepare for the Kickstarter coming April 3rd!

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