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We are very excited about the current progress of Sentinels of Freedom. We will be hitting our goal of "feature complete" within a couple weeks of the target and managed to even expand some of the features along along the way - most of which we will be highlighting in future updates.

One of these enhanced features is how enemies form and act in large numbers - fixing an issue in some past games. Turn-based games often struggle between balancing the number of active characters and the wait time of a turn. The more enemies, the longer a player has to wait. However, fighting through hordes of enemies can be quite satisfying!

In Sentinels of Freedom, enemies start a round by forming a squad with other enemies. The enemy forming the squad acts as the leader who chooses targets and type of actions that squad will perform. All units then move at the same time to get in range of their chosen actions (if possible). Each unit who is in range performs their action. Finally the leader then directs the next set of actions including repositioning to get cover or even another attack!

While still a work in progress, the clip shows a group of 5 enemies working together to put the hurt on Tachyon. Even in this test, you can see how efficient turns can be in Sentinels of Freedom. Next steps for squads will include more visual feedback and smoothing out the transitions.

With the final features going in, we can really start to show some of the features of the game. Looking forward to sharing with you all!

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