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What superpower would you want? We have all heard that question before and in Sentinels of Freedom, you can answer that question as you create your hero. Whether you are a nimble flyer, hulking power suit, or something entirely different - you build the hero that fits your play style.

When developing your hero, there are several different choices you get to choose from. Let's take a brief look at each…

Two choices that provide subtle effects on your hero are their Back Story and Personality. The Backstory describes your character before they were a hero such as Academic, Upper Class or even Former Villain. Personalities such as Arrogant, Natural Leader and Inquisitive further define the core of your hero . These two options impact your character through bonuses and penalties as a result of situations such as environment, mission objectives, and even other heroes in your current squad.

For example, maybe your character, Iron Gladiator, is a kind of Lone Wolf (personality) Explorer (backstory). The Lone Wolf may reduce the characters support chance (boosts to squad members actions) slightly but buff your heroes health and toughness (natural resistance to damage). While the Explorer may provide a bonus on levels which are new locations but cause an initiative debuff because they are daydreaming.

More directly impacting your hero is their power source spanning options like Gifted, Training, Experimentation and Technology. Your power source is what changed you into a hero, and what fuels your powers, super or otherwise. The power source will be the method an ability is activated and often when types of damage it causes.

Iron Gladiator from the previous example, has been given Technology as the power source providing cybernetic upgrades enhancing both strength and defence. When attacking, Iron Gladiator will likely be dealing damage through physical or energy based melee and projectile damage. Heavy armor or energy shields will protect the character from incoming attacks.

Do you like to slip into the shadows or maybe go guns blazing? The Archetype has a major impact on how you operate as a hero in Sentinels of Freedom by heavily influencing what Stances and Abilities are available to your hero. Your Archetype is the method by which you use your power and has the largest impact on gameplay.

Use the example of Technology as a the power source, Iron Gladiator may choose an archetype of Powerhouse, where his augmented body grants him massive melee attacks and earth shattering area attacks along with high health. While this seems to fit the characters theme, an archetype like Marksman could have been chosen instead utilizing the technology with precise range attacks and reactionary vigilance actions. The Marksmen archetype would also support the Lone Wolf personality - though maybe a name change might be in order.

How will your character look when they make the front page? You get to decide. Start with choosing male or female and then the physic and details like skin tone and head shape. Once your happy, move onto picking an overall theme. You can then tweak the details until you have the perfect look.

What kind of hero will you be?

Look for the Kickstarter on April 3rd to help make Sentinels of Freedom everything is can be.

Also, for more information join us on Facebook and also check out the other Blog Bites going in depth into other awesome features of Sentinels of Freedom.

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